GSP Hall Of Fame Batting Cages & Training Center

Speed & Agility

Speed, Agility, and
Conditioning Classes

“Building a Superior Athlete”

GSP is now providing the latest state of the art training. 
One hour classes will be held every
Monday 7:00pm-8:00pm and Wednesday 7:00pm-8:00pm.

Athletes in all sports benefit greatly from increased speed, agility, acceleration, quicker lateral movement, leaping ability, leg strength and explosion.  We will develop your athlete in the following areas:


Increase                                        Improve

  Foot Speed                                 Speed and agility

  Acceleration                                Strength

  First step quickness                     Endurance

  Change of direction

  Reaction Time

  Vertical jumping ability

  Explosive power



There will be pre and post tests to evaluate progress.

Call GSP for sign-ups today, space is limited.




$15.00 per single session

MONTHLY PACKAGE  (2 day per week)

$10.00 per session for 2 day packages

FAMILY MONTHLY PACKAGE  (2 day per week)

$10.00 for first sibling and $6.00 for each additional



$10.00 per athlete with 6 or more

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